I made my own magnetic business cards

This turned out to be pretty easy! 

Here’s how I did it:

First I got a package of print your own magnets pages from Walmart.  They were pretty cheap.  Less than $10.  Then I chose a picture I wanted.  I used a great online photo program called Pixlr Express to write my website on the front of the picture.  This is a super easy program to use!  You know if I think it was easy literally ANYONE can do it!

I saved that photo shopped picture to my computor’s desktop.  It doesn’t really matter where you save it to just make not of the info so you know where to get it from.  I’m not good at finding things once I save them on there so I try to save to my desktop.

Then I used my computer’s photo program and printed the picture on the magnetic pages.  You can make them whatever size you want but I went with business card size which was about the same as wallets in the photo print options.

When you print photos, remember to use the suggested settings for your printer.  Mine has a setting for photos and you can also say what type of paper you used.

Then I laid them out to dry completely.

When I was sure the ink was dry, I used my scrapbook paper cutter to cut the sheets.  I was really surprised just how easily it worked on the magnetic sheets.  It was fun too!

I loved handing them out at our school’s craft show and people thought it was great that they were magnetic.  It also helped that I used a photo of my youngest, Sammy, on it.  He’s cuter than cute.


A few things to think about when making a business card or any kind:

Use a picture that represents you/your business

The same goes for type/print, and colors. Remember that the card is small so you need to be 100% sure that whatever you put on it says YOU.

Don’t forget to put whatever contact info you want your potential customer to have, but don’t over load the card either.  I really hate it when I get a card that has so much info on it that I’m unsure which one to use.  If you have a website, I would suggest just listing that unless there’s a chance that many of your potential customers won’t have access to the Internet.  Your website should have ALL of your contact information on it in an easy to see location.