Mommy Meltdown…Do You Ever Have Them?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed?  Have you ever found yourself sitting on the floor crying?  Have you ever heard yourself screaming and yelling at your kids or husband and stopped and wondered WHY?

I was reminded by two friends today about those times in my life.  The first one this morning is an old friend and we’ve been through a lot together.  We have been there when each other cried on the floor.  Those are the good friends!

The other friend is a very new friend.  She’s this really awesome mom that works from home and is raising two small kids, a teenager, and has a baby on the way.  She had a meltdown this morning and was telling me about it.  I have sooo been there!  I say she’s awesome though because I still tend to wallow in my crazyness for a few days before I’m able to pull up my bootstraps and move on.  She didn’t!  She got up off the floor, cleaned her house and decided how to fix stuff.  THEN went out and started fixing it!!!  I want to be like her.  She makes lemonade all of the time.  If things don’t go as planned, she keeps trying.

And so I’m sitting here wondering just how everyone else does it.  When things drive you to a meltdown, how do you deal with it?  How do you get yourself back up and get moving again?  How do you figure out the solution?