My Great Mommy Moment

I took my oldest son to the orthodontist this past week.  He’s preparing for braces.  It was a great mom moment!  We were sitting there getting directions from the staff about proper care and brushing and eating habits.

My great mom moment was when she told my son to floss while watching TV each night.  My son told her that he only watches 30 minutes of TV twice a week (We’re AMI fans.).  I often beat myself up because I feel like my kids watch too much TV but I never really sat there and counted out what they watch.  He also informed her that they fold laundry while watching American Idol so his hands are already busy.  Though I sound mean, I felt great inside!  My kids don’t watch much TV AND they do chores while watching so at least they aren’t sitting there.

Then we came to the foods he can’t eat.  He was very upset.  He eats fresh nuts in his lunch EVERY day.  He eats carrots raw.  He doesn’t have to worry about most candies because he isn’t a candy eater.  I realised that as much as I worry that my kids aren’t eating enough fruits and veggies or they eat too much junk food, they really are doing great.  My oldest son eats two fruits, nuts and a PB and homemade jam sandwich for lunch each day.  That’s not too bad.

After these realizations, I have decided to stop beating myself up every time I buy ice cream treats or bake cookies or when I let the kids watch too much TV on the weekend.  We really are doing great.

Think about what you’re doing great as a mom or dad and list it here!  Let’s give ourselves a pat on the back and stop beating ourselves up so much.