Foaming vs Regular Hand Soap

I was washing my hands with my liquid soap just now and it made me think…

Is foaming hand soap as good at getting rid of germs and bacteria as liquid?

Well, I googled it and haven’t found any research at all on the topic.  My guess is no.  Wait!  I know everyone loves the stuff but hear me out.

I have watched people in public restrooms wash their hands.  It seems to me (unscientific) that people wash for less time when they use the foaming kind as opposed to the regular liquid kind.

Here’s my theory:  The liquid stuff is thick and sticky.  You have to rub vigorously to get it to foam and we all know the soap has to get foamy to be doing a good job.  (Not really but that means you’re scrubbing hard enough.) Then it takes a lot of rubbing to get the stuff all of the way off.  This is not the case with the foaming kind.  It is already foaming so there is no rubbing to get it there and it rinses off so fast that I have to wash twice to feel like I actually spent any time washing my hands.

ABC News did an experiment on hand washing and compared antibacterial to non-antibacterial soaps and found that there was no significant difference which is why the CDC recommends NOT using antibacterial.  The issue is making germs resistant.

So, the pros say technique is the most important when it comes to hand washing.  Remember that you aren’t really killing the stuff.  You’re washing it off.  Compare it to washing your dishes.  It takes scrubbing to get the junk off.  Same goes for your hands, folks!  You are supposed to do it for 20 seconds.  Time yourself.  You will need to re-up the foaming stuff at least once to get that done and then rinse for 5 seconds.

Try it yourself and then come back here and tell me what you think.