My Home Recycling Center


I have been asked many times how we deal with our recyclables at home, sense we live out in the county and don’t have pick-up.  I decided to take a few pictures so everyone could see.  My garage is very messy so you will just have to forgive it and I’ll post new pictures when I clean it up again.  Isn’t it funny how you clean your garage and then people use things but no matter how easy it is to return it to its real place, no one ever does?  But I digress!

We use totes and cardboard boxes to hold everything.  I stopped in at my local recycling center and asked them for detailed information on how they want things sorted, though ours will sort it out even if you don’t sort a single thing.  It gives us an idea of how to get it done though.

We have bins for paper products, #1 plastics (a tall laundry basket), #2 plastics (a large cardboard box, soda cans, glass, tin cans and paper with personal info on it that has to either be burned or shredded.  I keep a small box in my kitchen and then which ever kid is supposed to for the week, takes it out and sorts it all into its containers when my little box gets full.  Yes, I could just run everything out there myself but then my kids wouldn’t get the practice of recycling and stuff would pile up on the counters until I finished cooking and what not.

So, Here are the pics.  Let me know how you do yours!