Okay, it’s Friday again!  Time for Flash Foto Friday and this week is a good one!  Thank you to the ladies that put it together.

First, this is how my day has gone (keep in mind that it is only 8:20 AM.  Dog up at 1:30 to potty.  Timmy wets the bed at 3.  Dog up again at 4.  I ignore her.  Too bad cause she peed on the carpet!  Sammy woke up to stay at 5:15.  Cat came in my room at  5:30.  Timmy was asleep in my bed so at 5:45 I gave up and asked him if he wanted to get his bath done.  Put him in the bath and went downstairs to put the crazy dog out again.  Found that she peed on the carpet.  Woke the older kids for school.  Tried to clean the carpet.  My new carpet cleaner is broken AGAIN!

Had to make a special lunch for Timmy’s field trip today.  Made Andrew’s lunch.  Got kids moving and they helped get us all ready because my husband (who usually takes the older kids to school) is still out of town.  Made it out the door on time only to forget to pick up Dawson on the way to the school.  Had to turn around and get him.  Dropped Timmy off but the older kids had just missed their connecting buses.  Had to drive them to town (two different schools).  Finally got home at 8 am.  And I’m having left over pizza for breakfast while I do my blogging.  For those of you who know me, you know I hate pizza!

Sooo, SMILE is something I haven’t really done yet today.  Seeing this assignment did make me smile though.  It instantly brought up all of the cute and funny smiles my kids bestow upon me each day.  And so I say,

Share one today.  There is someone out there in desperate need of one.

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