My Bad Mommy Award

Well, my Bad Mommy award will be dropped off later, I’m sure.  I pack lunches for my kids almost every school day.  Today, my 1st grader asked for a ham sandwich.  I made one quick, cut it into four squares and put it into his sandwich container.  After I packed the lunches for all three older kids and sent them on their way with my husband, I started to clean up the mess and pack a lunch for my preschooler.  As I was closing up the package of ham meat, I noticed it smelled not fresh.  It didn’t really small like ham at all.  Then I realised that I had forgotten to put a coolie in his lunch too!  So my first grader had a questionable meat sandwich and nothing keeping it cool for the HOURS it would sit in his warm classroom!

Lucky for all of us, my son goes to school close to home so I made him PB/cracker sandwiches and took them to him to trade out for the bad one.

That could have been really awful!