Our Chicks

I get a lot of questions about how we take care of our new chicks (when we buy them).  I made this video to show everyone.  I’ve never done a video like this before.  Up until now, my videos have been of my kids hamming it up.  Please bare with me!  🙂  I had to put it on YouTube so here’s the link:then come back here and tell me what you think or leave a message there to let me know you saw it. http://youtu.be/FgswG_3Rw2M

I am really excited!

4 thoughts on “Our Chicks

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  2. Mom, that’s the wrong word. It shouldn’t be ‘bare’, it should be ‘bear’, (I think the second one is right)

  3. One thing to consider when raising chicks by hand is how comfortable you want them to be with you touching them once they’re grown. If you want to be able to pick them up without much trouble, you have to handle them when they’re too tiny to object. it’s like training a puppy.
    Of course, if you don’t pick them up and handle them much once they’re grown, they’ll forget how to be nice and sit still while you hold them.

    • Then maybe Optomus Primal and Fuzzy Arlie Wuzzy will soon forget the trama they endured today while being petted but 15+ preschoolers? 🙂

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