Decisions, Decisions

So today I made an executive decision.  I have been trying to get everything organized to go to a state university to get my teaching degree.  It has been incredibly encouraging at times but recently, it has been annoying and discouraging.

I had talked at length with several people at that school that assured me that the degree I saught could be earned through our local branch.  The week before last, after I had ordered all of my transcripts (there’s a small fee), someone at the local branch said she wasn’t sure if I would be able to complete my degree with them.  Today, I called to check on how things were going and if they had received all of my transcripts so we could move forward.  The lady I talked to at the main campus said there was no way for them to tell me if I could complete my degree locally (the main campus is hours away from me) until they evaluated my transcripts which makes sense.  Here’s the funny part though.  They won’t evaluate my transcripts to see if I can even GET my degree through them until I am excepted into the program and pay the application fees.  Why would I pay fees to get into a program I might not be able to get into?  Why would I wait two or more months to see if I could get into a program?  If I want to get into another school by fall I have to change things ASAP!

And so, I did.  I told them to forget about the application and called USI.  They offer the program I am basically looking for and it is only 45 minutes away and it’s cheaper than the other school anyway.  Only problem is that I can’t actually get a teaching certificate for KY from and IN school which is why I didn’t want to go that route.  I will have to figu