Do you feel REAL today?

It’s Five-Minute Friday again!  I love this day.  I have the best link-ups on Friday!  Lisa JO gives us a topic, if you will, to write on for five minutes and only five minutes.  No going back, no spell check….just the REAL, raw writings from the heart and soul.  I love this though you can tell who goes back!  lol


What is real?  It reminds me of the story The Velveteen Rabbit.  When the rockinghorse tells the little rabbit that he can only be real when and if the boy loves him enough.  I think that’s how many of us live our lives.  We are only “real” if some else loves us, cheerishes us, wants us, needs us……enough.  The little rabbit looks at the horse and sees how tattered and ragged it looks.  He asks the rocking horse if it hurts to be loved so much that you become real.  The horse says yes but it’s worth it.  I feel that way too.  It does hurt to be loved and to love. 

Today I ask that each and every one of us reaches out to be real and to make someone else feel real.  Be real by being who you truly are.  Yo are already loved by God enough to be REAL forever!  Stop worrying about what others think and feel about you and be real for yourself.  Reach out in genuine love to others around you, like Christ did.  Make them feel your realness in this world.


Boy!  That went too fast.  I feel like this one could and should be worked out more.  Maybe I’ll come back to it later.