Got a broody hen? Try what I did!

I had this broody hen (she won’t get off of her nest because she wants to hatch eggs).  I have tried all sorts of things and I can’t change her mind.  What we have done in the past is put a few fertilized eggs under the broody hen and let her hatch and raise them.  Well that has netted us two hens and two ROOSTERS.  I’m sure everyone knows roosters are not really wanted because they fight with each other.  That got really bad between out two.  So my husband and I agreed we would not allow her to hatch chicks.  We don’t want anymore roosters!

So I stopped in at our local Rural King store to get more chicken feed and saw that they still had chicks.  This year they are allowing you to buy singles if you already bought some this season.  I did!  We have six new chicks.  So I got two tiny little ones that are only a few days old, brought them home and put them under my broody hen.  I took her golf balls away.

I tried to convince her weeks ago that those crazy golf balls were NOT going to hatch but she seemed sure.  Now she’s probably thinking, “I sure showed her!”

I wasn’t sold on the thought that she would believe they were hers so imagine my surprise when I went in there and she had gotten off of her nest and moved over with the chicks.  They are all over her like she’s taken care of them since they first hatched and she is acting like she’s their momma!  Please understand that I am VERY new at this video on the fly thing!

Here’s the video of them together:,, and part three

Two days later and you wouldn’t know that she didn’t hatch those chicks herself.  All of the other hens and roosters have excepted them as her chicks and so has she.

As a side note, I told my husband he had to come out to the coop to see the miricle that had occured that morning.  He was really curious about how the chicks ended up there.  It worked best with him because I forgot to get rid of the box when I sent my teenagers out to see!

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  2. Heh. Andrew and I were super suprised when we came home from school and saw the two chicks climbing all over Miss I’m-Going-to-Hatch-Golf-Balls. We were wondering how they got there (maybe someone dropped them on the porch because the got them and then didn’t want them anymore?). Then Andrew said “Hey, look, that box says ‘Rhode Island Red PUllets’ with a big circled 2, like they send chicks home in from Rural King.

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