What did you REALLY do today?

Okay, I keep reading all of these lists people make about what they are doing, planning to do, etc. every day.  Why do I always feel lazy when I read those?  I feel, no matter how much I do get done, it is never enough.  What I want to know is, are you guys like me?  Today was a VERY productive morning but my afternoon…well, read about it for yourself. (This was Wed.)

  • I got up (grudgingly)
  • Made lunches for three of my kids
  • Made breakfast for two of my kids (two bowls of cerial and cups of water)
  • Made sure the little ones got their allergy meds (I got out the package and opened them for the boys)
  • Dropped off the youngest at preschool
  • Went to Rural King (bought chicken feed and two new chicks, go here to see why, and looked at plants)
  • Went to Walmart to pick up a few things (bought more than I should have but still didn’t get the things I went for)
  • Went to Lowe’s because it’s next to the AT&T store and I needed to go there but had 15 minutes before it opened (used my gift card and bought a plant NOT on my needed plant list but Hey!  It sure is pretty.)
  • Stopped at the AT&T store to get them to show me how to work the hands-free device for the car they sold me Monday (forgot already how the thing works)
  • Went home (unloaded everything…mostly)
  • Gave chicks to hen (spent some time watching to see if she would let them stay, even made a few videos)
  • Picked back up my preschooler (delivered 4 dozen eggs while at the school)

Sounds great, doesn’t it?  Except for the parts in parentheses.

  • Here’s what I’ve done this afternoon:
  • sat on my behind and played with my phone, on FB and on my website….until time to clean the kitchen and start making supper.

How about you?  What did you REALLY do today?

If you cleaned the bathroom, be honest…were you cleaning pee off of the floor?  I have to do that a lot!  My youngest is really bad about cleaning it up.  If you cleaned your living-room, was it really dirty or did you just fluff the sofa pillows and vacuum?  If you had to pick up four pares of shoes and NONE of them were yours, we want to know.

We don’t have to be perfect, just honest.  Maybe if we all were a little more honest with one another, we would be happier in our lives.  Be REAL.