So I am sitting here roasting and wondering just how serious I am about NOT turning on the air conditioning until June.  It’s only May 5th and it is the start of our second week of 85+ temps and the humidity is so high even I am feeling tired and drained.  I grew up in central Texas so I don’t just tollerate the heat, I need it.  When it dips into the 50’s here I have a coat on!  I don’t even swim unless it’s at least 90 but I am seriously thinking it’s time to get the pool going.  We only have 9 more days (counting next weekend) until the kids are out of school.

What say you?  Is your AC on yet?  Are you lounging in your pool as you read this?

One thought on “REALLY HOT

  1. Whee! I love how warm it’s been! But some of my friends (the crazy ones who sit outside in December with a light jacket on and complain that they’re overheating) are now complaining because it’s “too hot”.
    Though I have to admit, I’d prefer a tad less humidity…

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