Comments can be inspiring.

I write fanfiction (on, and I love it when people leave reviews on my stories. Sometimes something as simple as someone quoting something one of the characters said and saying they loved that quote is enough to make my day. But not all reviews are happy. Sometimes people have complaints, questions, corrections, or suggestions that they put in their reviews. Just the other day I got a review on my most popular story, “Ratchet’s Human”, from one of my fellow fanfiction authors. This person was frustrated because I had finished the story in a way that he/she felt didn’t complete it. This author wanted to know more, wanted to know what happened next.

I’d gotten several reviews like this before, but something about this one made me think. I’d stated in my author’s note at the end of the last chapter that I intended to continue the story at some point, but I’d never thought about how to do that. This review made me wonder just what I would do with these characters I had made people love.

So I pulled up a blank word document and started typing. I didn’t have a plan, I didn’t write the whole thing out in a notebook before I posted like I usually do. I just typed about two pages of story, labeled it Chapter One: New Strength, and voila! “Still Human” was born. I uploaded the story right away, and now have a total of three chapters, two of which are waiting to be uploaded.

I can’t wait to see how the readers – especially the one who prompted me to write “Still Human” – like the sequel. Because for once, it wasn’t my love of the characters that inspired me to write. It was their love of the characters. And I think that will make “Still Human” an even better story than “Ratchet’s Human”

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