Identity…who am I?

It’s time for Five-Minute Friday with Lisa Jo at  We get together and Lisa Jo gives ua a prompt to write on for five minutes…no more…no less.  You just write.  No editing.  No going back and tweeking.  Just straight from your heart.  Let it pour out!


It’s funny that Lisa Jo chose this word for today’s prompt.  I have been struggling with what my identitiy is these days.  I have so many and yet none are actually me.  I am a great mom, a volunteer, a wife, a homemaker, an animal lover, an avid gardener.  I am so many things and yet I feel as though I have no idea just who I really am.

Do you ever have those days?  Weeks?  Years?

I have struggled with this off and on for many years becuase I am a SAHM.  I gave up all things me to be the best mom I could ever be.  That often leaves me feeling like there is no ME.

I guess when our identity rests in what we do, who we love and how we act, it will change as we do.

Until I find mine though, would you mind keeping your eyes peeled?  If you see it give me a hollar!  I would love to have it back.  🙂