Words Hurt

We are teaching the kids in Children’s Church about RESPONSIBILITY!  I have truly enjoyed this month’s theme.  It isn’t often that you get a theme that is so perfect and opens the doors with so many kids all at once.

So this past Sunday, Mother’s Day, we were talking about how we need t be responsible with our words.  That the words we use truly can hurt or heal and how we need to be responsible with the ones we choose.  It was a wonderful way to talk to the kids about how they talk to others without using words like BULLYING.

We are all human and often find that we have said words that hurt someone else.  Sometimes we don’t mean to hurt them but other times we do it on purpose.  I implore everyone today to reach out and use words that heal the person you are talking to.  Lift him/her up with your words.  To quote Dr. Phil (yes, I did go there), “Every time a person leaves an interaction with you, they should feel better about themselves.”

Our words can change the word!  Let’s start in our own homes and let it spread from there.