Are you open to different perspectives?

This is my Five-Minute Friday post!  Thanks to Lisa-Jo for the great theme.

Perspective:  Go:

I often talk about perspective.  everything in life depends on what your perspective is.  If you loose all of the time in a game, you would thing the game was no fun.  BUT if you were always the winner, you would love that game!

Well, perspective was used on me earlier this week.  Emil called crying while she was out with her dad.  They were supposed to drop her younger brother off at his 8th grade dance and hang around in town until the dance was over and bring him home again..She was driving to get in her needed drive time to get her liscense.  So….She calls me crying and I know there’s been an accident.  I just don’t know how bad it is except that I think it must be pretty bad because MEily is calling me instead of her dad.  That can only mean that he isn’t able to make the call.  I could feel my chest tightening.  Then she say, “Mom, I don’t know how to tell you this.”  Barely audible through her sobs.

At that point I am running through all kinds of scenerios.  Is Ben hurt or even dead?  Did someone else get killed?  Is Emily going to jail?  I started bombarding her with questions.  Are you okay?  Where is Dad?  Is anyone hurt?  and finally, is the van drivable?

I was so scared, that when she told me what had happened I almost wanted to laugh.  I know she was seriously upset but honestly  you have to have PERSPECTIVE!

She hit one of those steal posts meant to pervent someone from hitting the gas pumps when they pull up to pump gas!  She did cause serious damage to the side of the van but no one was hurt.  Even the doors she busted still worked.  There was no damage to the station’s property either so all was good.

I’m not saying I wasn’t upset and worried trying to figure out how we are going to pay the deductable to get it fixed.  But it could have been A LOT WORSE!!!!  that was a non-accident accident.  All is still okay in the world.