I don’t home-school my kids during the school year but I do in the summers.  It gives us a chance to explore new things, places and ideas together.  It also gives me the opportunity to work on some of the things I don’t think they get enough of in school. (mostly reading for fun and writing) And keeps all of us from getting bored.

So I thought you might be interested in what our “school” day looks like and some of the things we do.  This was NOT a regular day in our house though.

Last night Emily had a sleep over with FIVE girls!  Needless to say, I was really tired and also had to return some of them home this morning so we didn’t follow our regular morning schedule.

After breakfast…Timmy did an addition worksheet and a subtraction worksheet while Sammy worked on a book where he had to read the word and find the sticker that correlated with it.  That took them all of maybe 15 minutes so I didn’t even get the kitchen cleaned completely! (Emily made pancakes for her friends)  Then we embarked on our solar system lesson.  We are studying the solar system for the next two weeks!  The boys are pumped!

First we took out our solar system kit and sorted the pieces.  I bought the kits at Walmart but I’ve seen them in craft stores, teacher stores, and Target.  They each chose two things to paint and we started mixing colors to match what they wanted.  Sammy chose the sun and Earth.  Timmy did Saturn and it’s rings.  While they painted, we talked about what we already knew about our solar system.

After about 20 minutes of painting they were ready to move on so they went to play while I dealt with the extra girls and made appointments.  After lunch it’s nap/rest time.  Timmy laid in his bed and read a chapter book while Sammy snuggled me in my bed and read me one of his little books.  I will post more about those books because they are fantastic for new readers!

After Sammy went to sleep, Timmy got out of bed and came downstairs with me.  I wrote out his spelling list in his school journal and we read over them and talked about their meanings.  Spelling words should really just be vocabulary words that you are also learning to spell (in my opinion).  Then I gave him his writing assignment.  Write a story about meeting an alien using some of your spelling words from this week.  Illustrate if you would like to.

I worked beside him on more spelling lists and other school stuff while he wrote because he needed a lot of encouragement.  Each time he said he was done (first time was after only the first sentence lol), I asked him to read what he had already written and then I asked him a question like: What does this alien look like?  Where did the alien live?  What did you do when you met it?  Were you afraid?  Those questions got him more excited about his story and inspired him to write more details.  I started teaching him how to write in cursive.

Then it was time for ME to get some work done so I let him have a little time on his game while I did some bill paying (crazy how they want their money!) and wrote some posts.  When I’m finished with the computer, he will type his story and we will print it out and he’ll illustrate it and put it into book form.

This is his first real book that he will have written and illustrated on his own!  My newest author.


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