Education and Opportunity

On Fridays I take some time linking up with other bloggers.  One of my favorite link-up is LisaJo’s at  Each Friday she chooses a prompt or theme and we all write about it on our blogs.  You get five minutes (that’s why it’s called Five-Minute Friday) to write straight from the heart.  No going back, no editing!  Just write and post and link-up with everyone else.  Then stop in a read some other posts.  I think you’ll enjoy it.  Here’s mine:


When I think about opportunity I think about this awesome country we live in.  It is filled with amazing opportunities.  Some you have to work really hard to get but some you only have to reach out your hands and grasp.  Life isn’t easy but when I think about what life is like in so many other countries, I am in awe of the opportunities that we have her in the US.

It begs the question, why do so many of us NOT reach out and grasp what’s out there?  What stops us?  I know a lot of people would say that we’re lazy or just like to take the easy way.  I wonder though.

]I think it’s all about choices.  I often hear people compare out education system to other countries around the world.  Most of them I certainly wouldn’t want my kids educated in.  People here talk about how we need to compete with the Chinese and Japanese (I am a TERRIBLE SPELLER!  please forgive me! no editing).  I respond with, they have very high suicide rates and unhappiness in those countries.  I am okay with NOT being the best at everything.  I want to be wonderful in GOD’S eyes…not man’s.  That doesn’t require my being a scientist……

Stop  Hey!  I just got going.  Stop back later and I’ll finish my thoughts on this.

5 thoughts on “Education and Opportunity

  1. Hi MrsKim,

    Although I admire people who do know everything, I’m also “okay with NOT being the best at everything” too. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.


  2. Shouldn’t have stopped whenI did. Just haven’t gotten that groove back yet so I guess there won’t be more on it right now after all. 🙁

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