My Daughter Is Growing Up

My Daughter

My daughter is growing up.  Have you noticed?  There hasn’t been a time that I wasn’t really aware of it but this past week, as she hangs out with her friends and works at her new job and drives my van, I see just how grown up she is.  It hurts my heart just a little.  I am reminded that my time is growing short with her.  In just two short years she’ll be off to college and it won’t take long for her life there to fill her days and she’ll forget to call for days at a time.  She’ll fall in love and get married and our time will move to visits and phone calls and chatter about husbands and children and household chores.

Funny how I look forward to that time with her too though.  I look at her and I’m in awe of the woman she is becoming.  I look toward her future and see so many possibilities.  So many open doors.  So many stars for her to reach for.  I love listening to her dream.

I feel so much joy, pride even, in my wonderful daughter.  Yet I feel sadness too.  There are so many things I wish I could do over, do better with her.  I wish I could keep her, live in the memories forever, with her.  I fear that I’ll forget those precious times.  Those precious moments that I’ll need on those long nights when she’s not here anymore and I long to sit in her room chatting about anything and everything.  Those memories I’ll need for sharing later with her children.  The stories and remember when’s.

I watch her letting go and I slowly open my hands to her future.  I let her slowly move from my side and explore the world she’s heading into all too soon.