Can You See?

It’s Friday again!  Hurray!  Time for my Five-Minute Friday link-up!  This is where we write non-stop for five whole minutes.  No editing.  Let’s see what you’ve got locked away in your head that this week’s theme will shack out!  Give it a try.

This week’s prompt from LisaJo at is SEE.


See…it means so many things to me.  I think about how Jesus kept helping the blind to see.  It makes me wonder if I help people to see God.  Do you?  Has He filled you so much that He flows out of you where everyone can see?

I try really hard to show people the grace of God…His love and kindness.  But do I fall short?

When I look at my children I see Him.  I see their father.  I see true joy.  I see love, kindness, generousity, faithfulness, hard work (on my part lol).  I watch them grow and change everyday and i am filled with amazement at how truly blessed I am.  And I count my blessings again because I see people that are still waiting for theirs or have lost theirs.  My heart aches for theose people and I count each of my days with my children blessings.  Even the bad ones.  Because not everyone has those days.  Not everyone that longs to hold a child in their arms will.  Some people will hold that child and cling to that child and will loose that precious child and so I SEE my children and all of our days together and i count them blessings.


6 thoughts on “Can You See?

  1. I’ve seen too many people lately grieving over children lost. It’s so true…there are so many with empty arms. I am reminded to see the blessing I have right in front of me.

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