Honey’s Update

Pet ownership is often so much more than you anticipate!  Our newest dog, Honey Bunny has truly puzzled us and our vet.  🙂  If you missed the beginning you might find her issues interesting!

Well, the vet finished running his tests and it seems Honey is fine.  No kidney or liver problems and no diabetes.

Apparently she is just a crazy beagle that loves food and water and just so happens to have had a few seizures and that little problem with the nerve to the right side of her face. (The doc says he’s never seen it in a dog though they do learn about it in vet school!  31 years of being a vet and he’s only seen it one other time with a horse that was injured.  Says he is going to do some research on it.)

Hopefully the nerve will repair itself and the seizures will go away.

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