Teach FUN Science!

Summer is great!  There are so many incredibly interesting things you can do with your kids!  It’s the perfect time for science projects.  You can do the really messy ones outside.  Very little clean-up.  That’s always a hit with me.  🙂

One of our all time favorites is making a volcano but really, how many times can you make something explode before it gets kind of boring?  Apparently, if you are a boy, it take a LOT of times!

This morning, I wanted a hands-on activity for my two little ones to do that they could do then write about and draw pictures of.  SCIENCE!  That’s right!

So this is what I did.

I chose I simple science experiment from a fun, kid specific site that required only a few things (all of which I had on hand).  We did the experiment together and talked about what we thought might happen and why and then what did happen and why.  Then I set them to work drawing pictures of their experiment and  then writing about it.  I had my seven year old answer questions like what happened?  What did we learn?  Did you like the experiment?  What did you think was interesting about it?  My nearly five year old just drew pictures and labeled them.


Science is one of my favorite ways to keep my kids’ brains active during the summer months without making it seem like school work.  It also instills in them a love of learning.  Activities like this one show kids how reading (instructions) and writing (explaining what happened) and important and fun.

If you want even more fun activities to do with your kids this summer, check out this site too.  It has lots of great things for kids to do.  Art and Creativity in Early Childhood Education http://artandcreativity.blogspot.com/2011/06/ice-tunnels-bring-on-summer-fun.html.  I am definitely putting some of these on our lesson plan for this summer!