Finding My Path

Finding my PATH with Lisa-Jo and Five-Minute Friday!  The rules are simple.  Lisa-Jo gives us a word and we write on it for five minutes straight.  No revisions!  So please excuse my spelling.  🙂

Path:  I’m on a path.  Everyone is.  The minute I read that word though, I thought of the new path here in Henderson that the city is putting in around the new tennis courts that are being put in.  There are two special things about this path.

First: It’s a walking path.  That’s right.  It’s for walking.  I thought about how when we run we just don’t get the full effect of things.  We miss things that we pass by because we’re going too fast.  Walk…take the time to really see what’s around you.  Follow your path.  Many people say it’s the getting there that really matters.  🙂  I tend to agree.  Enjoy your path.  even invite other people onto your path.  Bring a friend…make a new one.

Second:  This path is going to be measured.  Well, the truth is that all paths are measured.  It’s just that most of them we don’t know how long they are.  This one we’ll know.  there will be signs.  We will be able to see just how far we’ve gone and how much farther we have to go still.  

Another thing about this path is that its new.  God ever lead you to a new path?  Sometimes we’re a little reluctant to try a new path but it’s really good for us.  there’s something new about a new path.  there might bve things that we’ve never seen on that new path.  People we’ve never met.


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