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I’m joining a meme (link-up) that sounds really interesting!  It’s called Friendly Debates With The Danielles. Each Sunday the ladies pose a question and we share our opinions.  (If you want to read them or share your own, head over to their site.)  Well, we all know that I have lots of opinions and I don’t mind sharing them!  I love this idea.  Especially because everyone has to treat one another with respect even when they disagree.  So this week, in-case you missed the title, is Push Presents. 🙂

So….I didn’t even know what that was!  hehe!  I had four kids and didn’t receive a gift for giving birth to any of them.  In all fairness though, neither did my husband and considering what he went through, I felt like I owed him something!  The first three were all horrible deliveries.  The third one resulted in an emergency c-section and the forth one had to be one too. The last one was by far the least scary of them all but I was terrified of being cute open.   All of which my dear husband stood there and watched helplessly not knowing whether his wife or child might die and wondering why he agreed to go through this again.

I guess I’m not for or against them but my feeling about gifts is that if I have to ask for it, I don’t want it.  If my husband had been so inclined to give me a gift after the birth of our children, I would have gladly excepted.

Honestly though, I hadn’t even thought of my giving birth to our children something I did for him so it wasn’t deserving of a “thank you” present.  I felt blessed beyond belief to have lived through each of the births and to hold my incredibly wonderful, healthy babies.  And all the time with my husband at my side.  Except the time the doctor told him he needed to leave.  🙁  Having him there was truly the greatest gift he could ever have given me.

So if one of us deserved a push present…it would be my husband.


3 thoughts on “Push Presents

  1. Oh, you so deserve a push present I’m sure for delivering those beautiful children and if I had any idea what a “push present” was well I’d bring one or four right on over to ya. =)

    Stopping in to say hi and thanks for linking up last wordless Wednesday. We are up and ready for to host sweet friends for this wordless Wednesday, I’d love it if you were with us.


    • Thanks, Nicole! I love Wordless Wednesday and will link up too. Apparently, push presents are gift moms now receive after giving birth. 🙂

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