Oh but I NEED to rant!

I heard someone complaining about the “next generation.”  It made me cringe.  How many generations have complained about the “younger generation?”  My daughter asked me why it is that each generation gets worse and worse.  I laughed and told her they don’t.  People just forget what things were really like when they were those ages.

People complain about how much kids cry today but there isn’t any research to show that babies cry any more now than they did 50 years ago.  People complain about teen drug use, toddler gimmes, and the conceited younger generation.

We know that the truth is, children and teens have been this way for 100’s of years.  It is God’s way of getting them to where they need to be mentally and physically when it’s time for them to be on their own.

I told my daughter to imagine what adults would be like today if they had never questioned the adults and the world around them.  What would adults be like if they never learned to express themselves, their needs, wants, desires?  What would we be like if kids just excepted the way things were and never tried to change the way things were around them?  What if kids never separated from their parents and learned to rely on themselves?  Oh wait, that is a pretty big problem with ADULTS these days.

We would be exactly where people were hundreds of years ago.  God created man to ask questions, be curious, explore, learn, even make mistakes.

What looks like disobedience is growth.  Kids learning to make their own decisions.  Kids learning to figure out what they really want in this world.

There is actually less crime, drug use, and even kidnappings than ever before.  We just have it all on TV.  We see EVERYTHING as it unfolds.  I’m not saying its bad (I love the news!) but I am saying that, before we judge an entire generation, lets reach back into our own childhoods.  Look at the person you were and where you are today.

I’m not saying that things are perfect.  I’m not saying that some kids aren’t rotten.  I’m just saying there really aren’t any more of them now than there were before.

It’s important for kids to test their parents and the other adults around them.  My mother always told us that we could say anything we wanted as long as we did it respectfully.  I’m not telling you I think you should never teach your kids good behaviour, etc.  But I do think it’s really important to remember that they are LEARNING and you are TEACHING.