Baby Visitors

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This weeks topic is:  How do you feel about visitors for the new baby?

It’s funny because I think the only people that should visit the new baby in his/her first week should be close family and friends.  I know everyone wants to see the new arrival but mom and baby need their rest.  Especially mom!


I’m a VERY social person but I think it was difficult for the doctors and nurses to do their jobs with so many people around.


Too many people came to see my first baby while we were still in the hospital and even more came as soon as we got home.  We were still trying to get rest after a difficult delivery and we were trying to get breast feeding established.


With  second one, the Rotavirus was going around and the hospital wouldn’t even let people see him except through the nursery window.


The other two, I had c-sections with and I really needed the rest!


Each delivery and person are different but I think mom needs to focus on herself and baby for a few days before too many visitors stop in.