Free (or nearly so) Friday

My husband took the day off from work today to take our daughter to the doctor because I have tutoring students.  (I love that about him and the flexibility, sometimes flexibility of his job.)

So he told me last night that he would like to do something else as a family besides chores on his vacation day.  WHAT???  NO CHORES???  So I asked what.

He had a list of things so we settled on a hike at the state park in the morning ending with a picnic lunch at one of the park’s lovely playgrounds.  All FREE except the food and gas but we packed a lunch and snacks from home.  🙂

John James Audubon State Park

If you haven’t been to Audubon State Park and you live around here Henderson, Kentucky, you seriously should!  It’s clean, well kept and the staff is really nice.  They have several trails, even a pet trail (the one we took this morning) and a 1/2 mile one that is completely paved which is great for wheel chairs and strollers.  They offer a wide variety of classes and activities that are free or inexpensive.  They preschool classes are great and ony cost something like $2!

You can even rent fishing poles and they do free fishing for kids once a week.  They have a camp ground for Rv’s and tents and cabins and even a golf course.

If you’re interested in John James Audubon, there’s even a museum.  Call is a day of exercise and education if you homeschool!

There truly is no reason for you to NOT check them out!