Free (or nearly so) Fridays

Last night my husband and I went downtown in Henderson to the FREE W.C. Handy Festival.  Of course the bounce housed cost money but we didn’t take and kids.  And the food cost money but we could have packed a picnic.  We just parked (for free) and took our chairs and sat in the shade by the river and listened to the Blues music and did some people watching.

If you haven’t just sat and people watched, you are truly missing out.  I’m not just talking about the real characters either.  It’s fun to sit and watch groups of people interact and try to figure out what their stories are.  And it’s FREE!

So anyway, we were sitting there doing our thing and I thought, “It sure would be nice if someone told people about some free stuff to do for dates or with your kids during the summer.”  Then it hit me that I could be THAT PERSON!  And so I am going to start Free (or nearly so) Fridays.

If you have a suggestion, please feel FREE to add it to the comments or send me a message and I’ll write a post about it.  If you or your group has something coming up please send me a message and I’ll get it on here too.