The Walker Papers

One of my favorite series is The Walker Papers by C.E.Murphy, and I finally found book five, Demon Hunts, book six, Spirit Dances, and book seven, Raven Calls. They were AMAZING. The protagonist, Joanne Walker, is everything I could hope for in an urban fantasy-type heroine. She’s tough, smart, often makes wisecracks, and of course there’s the whole shaman thing.

The whole series is a mix of different mythologies, which I like. You never know what’s around the corner: a Celtic god, and Native American monster…or another round with the evil Master behind the curtains. Of course, the magic and the well-thought-out battles and such are only part of the story. I really like all the side characters and how they tie in to the overall plot, not just for the book, but for the entire series.

But I have to say that my favorite part of the whole thing has been the tension-slash-romance between Joanne and her (now former) boss, Michael Morrison. I always wonder exactly what he’s thinking when Joanne is off saving the world, or when she does something that would probably seem incredibly strange to just about anyone. Like telling him she has no idea why someone died, because there’s no magical remnants for her to analyze (hello, wendigo!).

Anyway, all in all, an amazing series, and I can’t wait for book eight, Mountain Echoes!

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