What’s your story?

It’s Friday!  Time for Five Minute Friday!  That’s where Lisa-Jo at tales from a gypsy mama gives us a word and we write on it for five minutes straight with no stopping and no editing.  Just pure words from your heart.  Check out the other posts!

As soon as I saw this prompt I felt fear.  You see, I love to tell my adult story but my childhood was pretty bad and though there are probably people out there that might bennifit from hearing/reading it…I’m just not ready to share the details with very many people yet.

It’s funny how people say they love you or look up to you but that changes for the better or the worse when they learn the details.  mostly, i think people just want to hear the pretty stuff.  The ugly stuff is too hard to digest.


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2 thoughts on “What’s your story?

  1. Probably most people do want to hear just the pretty stuff. When you are ready to share, your true friends will be able to hear the ugly and still love you. Here’s praying that God blesses you with true friends. Until the time you are ready to take a chance and share, and always, may God be your confidant.

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