Privacy or transparency? Where do you stand?

No, I don’t mean privacy in the bathroom.  That’s another topic!  But in your relationship.  Do you peak at your significant other’s cell phone records?  Just flip through their pictures?  How about all out snooping?  Do you check pockets looking for something besides dirty tissues and money before you wash it?

My husband and I had our jealousies early on in our dating relationship but he has all of my passwords and he will give me his if I asked.  (I have a terrible memory!)  We tell each other pretty much everything (except other peoples’ secrets!) and we share everything.  In my opinion that’s marriage.

My thing is transparency…complete transparency.

If you need to hide things from your significant other then he/she isn’t the right one for you.  You should feel like you could be completely open and honest with the person you’re sharing your life with.  If you feel like you have to hide things or they feel like they need to then there is something wrong with your relationship.  You should trust one another.  I know I can’t trust someone that hides things and lies to me.

We have shared our past.  We’re sharing our present and we intend to share our future.  That’s too long to try hiding things from each other.


I’m linking with Friendly Debates with the Danielles today!  Stop over and read everyone else’s opinions on this topic!  Just remember to be respectful for other peoples’ opinions when sharing yours.  🙂