Penn State Fallout

I have been so saddened by the happenings at Penn State, having been a victim of abuse as a small child.  When the statute of Joe Paterno was removed yesterday, I was glad.  From my perspective, it would be like having a photo of my abuser hung in my town so I had to see it everyday.  I know that he didn’t commit the crimes physically but anyone who knows of, suspects, or witnesses a crime has a legal and especially moral obligation to report it to the police, not their boss, the police.

Then, I was talking to my son this morning about it and he said, “I’m glad they took it down.”  I asked him why.  He said, “It’s like they worshiped him like an idol or a god and that’s wrong.”  Yes, my son, it is exactly.  And that is one reason why the crimes against those young boys were covered up and ignored.

Today, the NCAA issued their sanctions and so on on Penn State.  Honestly, I don’t know that much about college football so I don’t know if those will truly hurt them or not.  I read many comments though and it made me think….Maybe there shouldn’t be professional sports in colleges and universities.  I know they aren’t “called” professional but lets call a spade a spade.  They are about the money and people are paid.  Anyway, maybe universities and colleges should go back to being institutions of learning and carrier training only.

what I do know for sure though it that Penn State is an example of what our world is becoming.  We are all about money…getting it, spending it….  We can often be found shirking our duties as parents, spouses, and citizens in exchange for money.  Everything must be traded.  There are always losses and gains in all we do.

My question to you today is:  What have you traded?  What are you willing to loose in exchange for what you hope to gain?