Should you take your baby/kid to the movies with you?

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This week’s topic:  Babies is the movie theater


I say, “Leave them home.”  I realise that that sounds harsh but try to see it from my point of view.

I have yet to see a movie come out in the theaters that is intended for babies.  When that happens, by all means, bring them out in force.  Until then, no one under the intended audience age should be watching the movie let alone actually in the theater.

Here’s why:

1. Research shows that even babies respond to violence they witness and they can’t tell the difference between real and a movie.  This is also why I think people with children going to any movie NOT INTENDED for said children, should leave their sweeties at home and enjoy their grown-ups only time.  My suggestion if you can’t find a sitter, rent the movie and take it home to watch when your kids are sleeping.  We have done this many times.

2. Other people do not want to be bothered by your adorable baby or child.  No matter how sweet and cute your little one is, I didn’t pay for a sitter so that I could be distracted by children in the movie.  Seriously, date night costs us around $50 so when I go to see a movie, I don’t want to spend it with someone else’s kids.  I’m sure your’s are great and totally the exception to the rule but still.  Think of it like cell phones and people talking during the movie.

Here’s my big thing, if you don’t drink alcohol, have sex, use drugs or commit violence in front of your children at home then why on earth would you take them to the movies to see it?

It costs less to pay a sitter than buy them a ticket and snacks and someone else will entertain them while you watch said movie.  The sitter will feed them, bathe them, and even put them to bed for you.  You will get to sneak in your quiet house and into your sweet baby’s room and kiss his/her precious sleeping head.

And to all that go to kids’ movies and complain about the noisy kids (I seriously have seen this), I say,” Stay home and wait to rent the movie and watch it at home.  It’s a movie INTENDED for children and kids talk, laugh, and have to use the potty a hundred times.