I’m finally getting back into my link-ups!  Had to take a little break to finish our summer…more on that later.  But this morning is Five-Minute Friday with LisaJO Baker!  I love this one!!!  She chooses a word or prompt and we all write for five minutes straight without stopping.  Just let it flow.  No editing or revising either!  Play fair.  🙂


I’m here.

Where are you?

You’re inside me.

You fill me.

You surround me.

You’re everywhere I look and in everything I see.

And still….I feel alone.



Where are you?

I am here.

That’s how I feel so incredibly often.  I wonder how I can be so complete and yet so empty all at the same time.  How I can be so happy and still so sad I feel like I might cry at any moment?  And so I have returned to writing.  I AM HERE.

5 thoughts on “I AM HERE!

  1. The writing helps, doesn’t it? Knowing in our heads that He is present doesn’t make it real in our senses, our souls. For me, summer is usually too full of things that compete with Him. So good to still, and write.

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