It’s Five-Minute Friday!  Time to join LisaJo Baker and everyone else for our five minutes of writing.  That’s right…just five full minutes no stopping and no editing!  Just let it flow and link it up.  It’s fun, easy and you might learn something new about yourself!  Give it a try!

So today the word on the street (like how I got Seseame Street in) is CONNECT.


Connect.  How do I connect with people.  I’m a people person.  I need friends and lots of them.  I love to talk and listen to people.  I need to CONNECT.


So I thought this might be a great time to give some suggestions on how a person could get better connected with their community.  Start in schools.  Even if you don’t have a child, stop by the school office and ask if they would be interested in volunteers.  I know that our elementry schools love to get volunteers and they are few and far between.  volunteers go into the classrooms and help the teachers.  Maybe you listent o a kid read or help them take a test.  Maybe you make copies for the teacher.  Maybe you help the children with a writing assignment.


If you don’t a a regular time that you can go into the school, most schools have special days like my husband goes in to talk about his job.  The kids love it and it really encourages them to work hard.  Maybe you have a special business like you are a DJ.  You could donate some time to the school to hold a fund raiser or do a special activity as a reward to the kids after testing.


There are so many ways to reach out and connect in your community!

4 thoughts on “Reach Out…CONNECT

  1. Wouldn’t you know that the person who was after you is a teacher in a school? I work with a classroom of three year old children. And yes, we can always use volunteers in our school. They are precious and needed. Great advice on connecting.

    Blessings and love,

    • Thank you! I honestly believe volunteering in the schools is one of the most effective ways to change our world. Thanks for stopping by.

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