When You Know It’s Right

Have you ever decided to take a much needed break only to discover that you aren’t capable of it?

Well that’s me this month.  When my kids went back to school I let everyone know  that I would be taking a “Catching-Up on Me” break for August. 

What I’ve learned this past week:

The first two days I worked like a mad woman.  I cleaned, caught up on laundry and even did a little work on my blog.  I touched base with a few people I hadn’t talked to in a while and did a LOT of canning.  And even read a book for fun!

Monday and Tuesday this week….well, I did laundry, housework and finished a book I was asked to read (Lead Small by Reggie Joiner and Tom Shefchunas), I highly recommend it but more on that later, I cooked, canned and took kids to the places they needed to go.  I’ve been incredibly bored!

Today is Wednesday and I had to take Andrew to an ortho appointment and then I had a prep and planning meeting for church (What an amazing group of women and I honestly am more fired-up about church than I have been in a while now!).  On my drive home I realized that I’m not happy 1.) because I am a people person and 2.) I need a purpose that includes serving others outside of my family.

God gave me gifts and I honestly don’t think they were intended to keep my house clean and my pets exercised.

And so I am going back to volunteering a good chunk of my time again.  I need to NOT have so much “free” time.  I love a clean house but not as much as I love working with children.