What’s your BIGGEST pet peeve?

We all have things that seriously bother us.  Mine is rude people so imagine my surprise when I turned on the television this afternoon and saw a talk show with a guy named Anderson Cooper as the host and the topic of the day was rude people!

It made me smile to see their actor being rude and how people handled it.  Then I started to think about all of the rude things I see people do and how I handle it.  I think response (for me) is always based on the specific incident but, if possible, I ignore it.  Bad drivers?  I stay back when I can.  When people are rude I try to give them the benefit of the doubt.  We’ve all had a bad day.  We’ve all been rude.  So I try to imagine that they have some reason for their behavior.

There are some times though that I feel like you have to step in.  If someone is being dangerous you need to call the police.  I usually step in if children are involved.  I believe that when adults stand by and watch bad things happen then we are giving kids the impression that, that behaviour is acceptable.  So I try to remind the person being rude that they’re behaving inappropriately.

What do you do?