September 11

Today is September 11, 2012.

It’s been so long, 11 years, but I can still remember exactly what I was doing on that horrible morning.  I had walked my two preschoolers to school and headed home.  I was walking down my street and an elderly neighbor was outside and wanted to chat so I stopped.  After a while her husband came out of the house and kept mumbling about it being confusing.  He didn’t know whether it was a movie or really happening.  My neighbors and I went into their house and watched the TV.

The there were flames and people screaming and smoke and so much chaos.  It was frightening and the news kept replaying things so it was impossible to tell what was actually happening right then.  After a few minutes I told them I had to run home and call my family.  One of my sisters used to work in the Pentagon and at that time some of her friends still did.  She was then working at a place that was considered a top terrorist attack location in the US so I was worried about her.  I talked to her for a few minutes and she told me our mom had already called her and she was fine.  We hung up and I spent the next few hours watching that news station.

That morning is a blur for me.  I watched the news until I had to walk back to the preschool to get my kids and the children I did daycare for.  I couldn’t watch anymore news while I had the kids all around so I walked around in a daze thinking about what else might be happening and how many people would perish.  When I had to turn my tv off no one really knew what was happening.  We only knew that planes flew into the World Trade Twin Towers.  I couldn’t focus.  It was surreal and frightening.

Flash forward to today.  Our country has changed but not that much.  Sure, in the beginning, we payed closer attention to our families, celebrated our lives, and morned the incredible lose of life.

I’m reminded weekly, though, that countries around the world face our horror of 9-11 almost daily.  Terrorist attacks are common in many countries.

So today, and everyday, please stop and pray for peace.  For an end to the attacks, bombings and brutal murders of the innocent for religious or political reasons.

September 11 changed the way I look at other people.  It helped me to remember that everyone suffers from something and we need to remember that when dealing with people that are rude, or unkind, to us.

How has September 11 changed you?