Gender Specific Toys

All three of my boys and my daughter are growing up with a wide assortment of toys that stimulate their creativity.

I’m linking up with the Danielle’s for Friendly Debates With The Danielle’s this week to talk about a topic I feel strongly about:  Giving kids gender specific toys…good or bad?


First I want to say that I love this link-up because they often choose topics that I have an opinion on.  That’s right!  I am very opinionated!  There…I said it out loud.  Now that I’ve admitted my problem, can someone help me?

Oh well, here’s what I think:


Kids should have a wide variety of toys.  If you want your sons to learn to be good fathers, they need good roll models and the chance to act out what they experience.  Give boys DOLLS!  Don’t forget the strollers, kitchens (your husband uses your, I hope.)

Girls and boys should have toys around them that encourages them to act out what they experience in their everyday lives.  Their play is real work.  They learn about math and science through blocks, legos, cars and train sets.  They learn about people, nurturing and how to work together when they play with dolls, kitchens, play food.  They need things to write and draw with.

They need a whole host of things INCLUDING BOOKS!  To learn with and from.

Please don’t tell your son that a toy is a “girl toy” or your daughter that a toy is a “boy toy.”  Please don’t limit the colors they can use by telling them that colors are gender specific.  It isn’t true.  I just spent nearly three hours today painting the hands of 300+ elementary kids from kindergarten to 5th grade.  Many boys chose pink and there were lots of girls that chose blue and black.

Let’s stop limiting our kids with notions that toys and colors are restricted for people with certain body parts.  I mean, what if your son wants a doll because you are the most awesome mom or dad and he wants to be just like you?  What if you daughter wants to see what happens when she drives a dump truck full of dirt down the slide?

Well, there you have it!  My opinion.  What’s yours?  Put it in the comments and let’s talk.


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