Free (or nearly so) Friday!

Friday’s coming!  What are you planning for this coming weekend?

It’s time for a good Free (or nearly free) Friday!

There are so many things you can do outside this time of year.  The weather has cooled off so I say, visit a local playground.

Don’t just go for an hour!  Take a picnic, don’t forget your sunscreen, pack a chapter book to read out loud, and relax.  Make yourself comfy and stay for a few hours.  Play with your kids on the equipment.  It’s great fun and a fantastic way to get some exercise as a family.  When you’re tired from all of that play, lounge on your blanket and have a snack or lunch.  After that, kick back and take turns reading that book you brought out loud.  If you’re wondering what kind of book you should choose check out my list of my family’s favs!

If it’s cooler where you are, packing a thermos with hot cocoa or hot apple cider would be a nice addition.  If it’s still fairly hot remember to pack plenty of water!

We also like to bring along a bag to gather trash in and throw it away.  Taking care of our parks and playgrounds teaches our kids to clean up after themselves and to take good care of their world.

Your excursion will make your family tired so this might be a great day to throw something in the crock-pot before you leave!