Five-Minute Friday!  WOW!  I haven’t done this link-up in a long time.  Boy have I missed it.  Check it out for yourself.  Lisa-Jo comes up with a word that we all then write about for five full minutes.  There’s no going back and editing.  Just plan and simple, straight from the heart writing.  It inspires me!

Today’s prompt is WIDE.


Wide….that’s a really big word.  I can’t help but think about the ocean; love; God’s arms; my imagination.  There are so many htings that span such a wide berth that we can’t see the edges of it.

When I stand beside the ocean I feel so encompused…so held and yet so small.  I see no end to it and yet I know there is one.  I know in my head that that ocean stops thousands of miles away on another land where people speak a different language than I do.  Another shore.  But in my heart…in my heart that ocean will never end.  That ocean is a symbol of God’s love for my.  crossing into it doesn’t always feel like the safest thing I’ve ever done but I know He’s there with me.  i know He’ll help me float across the rough spots. 


Well, too bad five minutes is sooo short!

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