In The News: Teen Girls Get Spanked At School

Today’s IN THE NEWS:


There is little about this news story that shocked me including peoples’ responses so here’s mine.  A head’s Up, this is a RANT so it is not for everyone.


There are these two teenage girls that have come forward from the same school in Texas, one an athlete and great student and the other not so much (by her own account).  They both get paddled by by their vice principal for (in my opinion) minor infractions.  Now, I was raised in Texas until just before my 12th birthday and I knew of a few kids that got paddled.  It was a joke among the kids so for those people that say we need more of it and no more spanking is what’s wrong with this generation, your reasoning is flawed in many areas.

Anyway, both girls and their mothers agreed to the paddling, one because the girl felt her grades were more important so she opted for not missing classes and the other because it was the easier way out.  Apparently neither of them thought paddling was a big deal.  That is until the vice principal (a man) decided to do it himself instead of having a same-sex teacher do it which is the rule.  Now I would like to interject here that the kids are getting punished for breaking school rules by a person who, in the punishing is knowingly breaking school rules……hmmmm.  That’s definitely going to make the right impression!  His reasoning is that there just weren’t enough female teachers to handle the punishment.  Interesting…so there aren’t ANY female teachers at that school?  How can the male to female teacher ratio be a the reason for this blatant ignoring of the rules and boundaries deliberately set to protect both the students and the school?  In one of the instances it is stated that he had a teacher present and at the other it’s stated that he had a male police officer present.  He was able to round up other men to watch him spank these girls but there were no women willing to do the hitting?

Okay, so enough about the vice-principal.  The moms….seriously!  You agreed to let someone else HIT your child and you are shocked that it left bruises and welts?  One of the moms even admitted that had she hit her own daughter with a wooden paddle and left those kinds of marks, charges would have been pressed against her but it’s okay for the school to do it.  I agree with her and want to know why on earth she would agree to letting someone hit her child at all let alone without her even being present.  She even stated that men should never be allowed to hit women, they are too big and strong.

Might I interject that NO ONE should hit someone else?  Isn’t that what we teach our kids when they’re little?  Do you raise your daughter telling her that it’s never okay for a man to hit her unless it’s on her butt and she deserves it?  Should she expect that her husband or boss should be allowed to hit her whenever she has broken one of his rules?  Where do we draw the line?  I would love for someone to explain to me exactly when and where and how and why it is okay to hit another person and that means you can’t contradict yourself.  Is it okay as long as they’re little?  Is it okay as long as you (the hitter) believe the person receiving the spanking deserves it?  Is there a magical age at which it is no longer okay to hit a person or a magical age at which it is now okay to begin hitting a person?  Is there a relationship in which hitting someone is okay?  If there is as in parent/child, why can’t the hitting go both ways?

Now the funny thing is that none of this surprised me.  I was not shocked that many states still allow schools to hit kids.  I am also not surprised that these girls and their moms we shocked at the results of the “swats.”  I noticed that none of them said they would never allow the school to lay hands on their daughters again.  Neither of them felt there was anything wrong with someone hitting their kid.  Their only issue was that it was a man instead of the assigned woman and that because it was a man their was too much force used.

I was also not surprised that neither girls said that she would never get in trouble again.  Though it was creepy to have it be a man and the beating was brutal, they didn’t feel like it was a deterrent.

I was also not surprised that people posted in the comments of the online news sites about how more kids should be hit and then the world would be a better place.  Funny how this stuff never goes away.

Well, my four kids are incredibly well behaved and I have NEVER laid a hand on them.  I do punish them but I don’t believe it benefits a person (and that is how I see children, as people) to be physically injured or emotionally berated, called names or put down.  My children are at the tops of their classes and have high aspirations for themselves.  It is the desire to and the belief that they can achieve their goals that keeps them working hard and behaving well, not the fear of punishment.

Maybe what our country needs is less criticising and more doing.  Maybe people could set great examples of proper behaviour for the next generation.  Maybe we could reach out and inspire today’s youth to be the best that they can be.  Encouragement….now that’s a new idea!


Oh!  and before you tell me how wrong I am, please check out the video footage last spring of the Texas judge beating his teenage daughter and ask yourself what’s the difference.  Because in the minds of many, there is none.