30 Days to a Better Reader: Day 6

You’ve been working really hard trying to help your child.  That is really wonderful!  We have to remember that it is a process though and sometimes we get frustrated that it isn’t happening as quickly as we would like but keep in mind that this is a process.  You need to be consistent and keep reading with your child.

I have something else I want you to do that I think your kids will get a huge kick out of.  It’s called immersion.  Basically, you label everything in your house so that your child gets to see the words wherever he/she goes.

The labeling will be a crazy, fun game for everyone in the family if you want it to be or it can just be you and your reader.

This is how you do it.  Get post-its.  You can use note cards and tape and they’ll stay longer but I like Post-its because they are faster to put up and take down and they’re cheap and if you loose one of your words you can just make another one quickly.

Take the post its and sit in one room of your house.  Tell your child that you guys are going to play a fun game where you label everything you can see!  They can point to something and say it’s name.  Then you guys sound it out and write the names on the post-its and put the post-its on the items.  It is really silly and your child will get a kick out of putting post-its on everything.  Label doors, windows, tables, chairs, balls, dolls…everything.

This game helps your child in several different ways.  First, your child is connecting the idea that letters go together to form words and that words all have meanings.  Second, your child is seeing the words that go with the words he/she already knows.  A great visual.  Third, your child is practicing sounding out words and connecting the letters with their sounds and learning how to spell.  Finally, your child is able to repeatedly see those same words and the written words will make a connection in his/her brain and your child will recognise them when he/she sees them on paper later.

This is a fun game to play anywhere you go, not just at home.  Just remember to take your post-its with you when you leave the doctor’s office.  🙂