30 Days to a Better Reader: Day 7

Play games.  That’s right, today’s day 7 and I want you to start playing exciting new words games with your kids.

I mean age appropriate games though.  If your child is old enough to spell take your Scrabble game out and play with it.  Don’t do the scoring unless your child is a great speller.  Loosing and winning takes away from the joy of just trying hard to spell words for fun.

We have these great cards that have sight words on them at several different levels and we line them up on the floor to make sentences.  We have several challenges like the shortest sentence, longest sentences, silliest and so on.  The kids love it and we even take pictures of their work and read them again later.

Any game that requires your child to read is great though.  There are Trivial Pursuit games for kids and Cranium games are great and they make them for a variety of ages.

We even have a card game called SNAP which is like war except you have to change the letters (using cards) to spell out new four letter words and use all of the cards in your pile before the other person.

Playing games won’t just improve your child’s reading skills either.  Games teach reasoning skills, cooperation, and even taking turns and being a good sport so grab a game and have a blast!

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