30 Days to a Better Reader:Day 10

Today I want you to bake/cook something with your reader.  It’s great if you have a kids’ cookbook but you don’t need one.  Just grab a cookbook out or google something on the Internet.  Just grab a recipe and go to it.  You do need to have a recipe though.

Have your child do the reading or the recipe.  Help where he/she needs it.  Oh and this is a great way to teach math (double the recipe) especially fractions (there are always 1/2 and 1/4 teaspoons and cups of stuff!

Cooking is such a great way to get kids to try new foods and it give you guys a chance to spend some time talking about your days, etc. while you cook.  This is such a fun activity that my kids fight over who gets to help with the cooking.  Even my teens love to help cook!

Let me know what you made in the comments here!  You can eve share pictures of your fun and/or creation on my Facebook page!  I would love to see them and it just might inspire someone else.