30 Days to a Better Reader:Day11

Did you like cooking together?  I hope you had a great time with that project so I thought I would make another suggestion.  A cookbook!  That’s right!  Don’t you love that idea!

When my daughter was a brownie her whole troop put together a cookbook of their favorite recipes.  It was so much fun for all of the girls.  They brought in simple recipes like mac-n-cheese and brownies from the box and I found little pictures to go with them.  I made them a little book out of it and gave each child her own copy.  These little cookbooks even make wonderful gifts for grandparents and other family members.

A cookbook gives your child a chance to write down (or type on the computer) favorite recipes.  They do a lot of reading and writing to create this book but it’s so much fun that they just might forget why they’re doing it!  Who knows!  You just might discover that you have a gifted little chef that creates his/her own dishes.

Remember that you can upload your favorite photos and recipes to my Facebook page to share with the rest of us!