Court TV

Okay, it’s confession time!  I don’t watch court TV.  I know lots of people that do and love it.  So I sat down to have lunch and watch TV.  I was flipping through the channels and saw a show called Judge Alex.

I didn’t see the beginning to the case but I saw the end and it was GREAT!  This guy was housesitting for a friend and threw a party at the friend’s place.  Her dog was lost, IPod stolen, computer in the bedroom had a drink spilled on it and killed it and there was damage to the carpet from spills.

So at the end the judge informed the lady who was wronged that he couldn’t award her money for suffering due to the loss of the pet (though he talked about the bond between pet and family) but that he was so upset and offended by the loss of the IPod that he would award her $1000. for her pain and suffering for that!  It made me laugh!

He is a HUGE dog lover and talked about the recent loss of his beloved dog.  HE even told the defendant that he (the judge) was most offended by the fact that the guy didn’t seem to care that his friend’s pet was lost.

This was fun TV!

Do you ever watch court TV?  Who’s your favorite judge?