Emily’s A DRIVER!

The day has finally come.  That’s right, my daughter, Emily from Emily’s Voice, is a real licensed driver.  Her dad and I have disagreed on techniques for teaching her but in the end we compromised and she learned.  Her dad did a great job of teaching her and I honestly think it brought them closer in a time in a girl’s life when she tends to move further away from her father.

So yesterday, Ben took Emily to take her final test….the behind the wheel.  It didn’t start out well but when it came to her actual driving test, she passed wonderfully.  She was so excited!  So was her father.  You see, as a stay-at-home mom, I have been privy to most of our children’s firsts.  I’m the first person they talk to about school every day.  I go on field trips and volunteer in their classrooms.  I do the parent/teacher conferences and home visits.  I go to the games and concerts.  I am blessed; I get to do most everything with our kids.  Ben, on the other hand, has to got to work.  He travels frequently and often misses the little things and even some of the big things.  He attends everything he can and we work hard to make it happen.  I often feel guilty because he has to miss things and I seldom do.

But driving was different.  This was a special time for them to be together.  Something that they shared between the two of them.  It’s not that I didn’t do some of the teaching but Ben did most of it.  I even took her to take the written test.  I really wanted him to get to do the behind-the-wheel test.  He deserved to get to be the first person to see her and talk to her when she passed (or failed if that had been the case).  They deserved the chance to share that incredibly special moment just the two of them.  They had worked tirelessly together on parallel parking and that crazy turn around that no one ever does!

That afternoon Ben let Emily drive home and Andrew got to ride shot-gun and Ben rode in the back seat.  That was a special moment for Emily and Andrew!  It was even more exciting for them when Ben suggested that we allow them to drive ALONE to the restaurant for her celebratory dinner.

This driving alone thing will take some time for me to adjust to even though it seems like Ben and Emily are both ready to jump off of that bridge!  It’s hard to let go when you know all of the things that could go wrong.

Please pray with me for Emily’s safety as we undergo the newest adventure in our lives!

Have you embarked on this adventure?  How did you feel?