What I Love About Fall

I LOVE summer!!!  I can’t get enough of it.  Well, mostly, but eventually I need a break from the gardening.  I need to be able to put on jeans and a sweatshirt.  I need it to feel cooler outside so that I can start to get in the spirit of Thanksgiving and eventually Christmas.

And so fall is upon me and at first I fought it.  It has come too early this year and I really am not quite ready.  It’s here though.  I even had to cover my tomato plants one night last week.  🙁  Today the wind is blowing so hard that even the chickens aren’t in the yard.  They’re huddled on the side of the house that’s blocked from the fierce winds.  They’re tearing at everything outside and howling around the corners.  They’re shaking the windows and making me glad for my heater.  Yes, Ben turned on the heat last week.  🙁  🙁

Anyway, as this past week has ended I am starting to count the things I do love about this season.  At first I was counting the things I hate about it, namely that it blasts into winter (cold), but we aren’t going there today.

1.) First and foremost, I LOVE the leaves.  I collect them.  I seriously can’t get enough of the leaves.

2.) It’s fun to get the yard work done!

3.) Oh the SMELL!  It smells so amazing!

4.) The sound of the leaves crunching under my feet when I walk around outside.

5.) the relief from my garden labors.

6.) Hiking is easier in cooler weather.

7.) The impending winter and possible snow.

8.) The colors!  They are so beautiful.  The flowers are amazingly beautiful this time of year.  They are so incredibly vibrant!


What do YOU love about Fall?